Waiting On Baby

Here we sit. Patiently waiting. The nursery is ready. Our bag is packed. Today I ordered our baby ring sling, which finishes up my final “to do” on my mental getting ready for baby list. So now . . . . . we wait. Sighhhh. I think we are both still in udder amazement that WE, … More Waiting On Baby

Ordinary Night

Will you miss this? This, just an ordinary night, lying on the couch, baby bump free to breathe and move, half engrossed in a movie, half engrossed in a bond between mommy, daddy, and baby. Yes, I will miss this.

A Baby Shower

A few weeks ago, my mom and sister threw me the most amazing baby shower. There was great food, beautifully wrapped gifts to open, and most importantly, my near and dear family and friends were there to celebrate the anticipated arrival of our sweet Baby Taylor. (My sister and I.) (Me and my mom, a.k.a. … More A Baby Shower

One For The Mr.

To set the scene, me in the kitchen preparing dinner. The Mr. sitting at the bar checking his email while sipping a glorious evening cup of cinnamon coffee. (He doesn’t care too much for cinnamon, so glorious may be stretching it a bit. On his part.) The Mr.: No Wild Bloom today? Me: Que scowling stare. The … More One For The Mr.

On Naps

Oh, how I am enjoying my third trimester. Specifically naps. Along with my partner in snuggle crime, a fuzzy blanket, and the warmth of the heater blowing on my face, I am in heaven. So I nap. I have always required an immense amount of sleep, like 8+ hours a night or feel the wrath of … More On Naps

A Letter To Baby

Dear Baby “O” or Baby “J”, Charlotte and I took a walk around the property last week. It was a sunny, 66 degree November day, and I am determined to keep you strong and healthy, so we walked. Over the course of two miles, and in between lots of breaks, (to wait on Charlotte, of … More A Letter To Baby