Living On One Dollar

As most know, we are an extremely frugal, non-wasteful family. We buy what we need, sometimes what we want, and rarely splurge. One of our only monthly splurges lately has been Netflix. The cheapest viewing option, of course, but a splurge for us none-the-less. I’m slowly settling in to this mom thing and learning to allow myself … More Living On One Dollar


[Photo Disclaimer: This was me on my birthday this past weekend. I ate anything and everything that looked appealing. Happy Birthday to me! Now back to my regularly scheduled eating habits.] Taking stock at the ripe age of 32 . . . . . Making // oatmeal for breakfast. I forgot how much I love … More 32

Trust The Day

My husband turned 34 yesterday. He has the most beautiful heart I have ever seen and as another year passes, he grows another year wiser. I always feel like I have so much to learn from him. He is constantly, patiently, teaching me and I never feel as though I have a comparable gift as such to return. A … More Trust The Day


I passed this girl, then drove in reverse back down the road to take her picture. Thank you for sticking around for a photograph Mrs. Deer! (Does anyone else shout “Deer!” every time you see a deer? I think I even did it on this day, although I was in the car by myself.) (This … More Deer