Ready for Solids

How do you know when your baby is ready for solids? I’ll take that as a sign. (Yes, I know my entire bra is showing out of my stretched to the max and milk saturated tank top. You think that’s bad, you should have seen my hair. #realmotherhood)


(My Mother’s Day gifts this year; lots of love, tiny feet, and fist bumps.) As a blogger, every now and then it is so refreshing to just kick back and share what is on your mind. We have been busy bees lately, and with so much going on, therefore so much to catch up on, … More Thoughts

Baby Powder

As a mother, there is nothing more precious than your baby’s tiny bum. Scrolling through the thousands of photos that I have taken in Opal’s three months of life, I’d say at least half are of her little, wrinkly backside. (Cue my melted mommy heart.) Since I am what you would call very picky about … More Baby Powder