The Lump

After wandering through the trail at Cascade Falls, we all piled back into the car and continued north on the parkway to MP #264.4, The Lump Overlook. Not quite as busy as The Cascades, but still a steady flow of photo snappers and a favorite picnic spot nonetheless. Even with an overcast day, the Blue Ridge … More The Lump

Hiking Cascade Falls

One of our very best “flat land” friends came to visit us a couple of weekends ago, so we decided to check out some new territory and hike the loop at Cascade Falls. We drove north on the parkway from Blowing Rock and headed to E.B. Jeffress Park. (If you have never made this drive, … More Hiking Cascade Falls

Hiking Flume Gorge

New Hampshire days were either entirely too hot, rainy, or busied with work and sitting at my computer in the hotel room, so we didn’t have a chance to explore much while we where there. It was a business trip after all, and not for leisure. So on our one day off, what else would … More Hiking Flume Gorge

Hiking Green Knob

After an entire week of day after day AFTER DAY of rain, we decided to pack up the family and go for a little hike. We picked the Green Knob loop located near us on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Even with us living so close, we have never hiked this loop before. Afterall, the parking areas … More Hiking Green Knob