Ready for Solids

How do you know when your baby is ready for solids? I’ll take that as a sign. (Yes, I know my entire bra is showing out of my stretched to the max and milk saturated tank top. You think that’s bad, you should have seen my hair. #realmotherhood)

Ice Cream Shop

Summer time means one thing at the Taylor homestead, ICE CREAM! Ice cream in pints, ice cream from scoop shops, ice cream homemade; it doesn’t matter. It is time for ice cream. On one warm, sunny afternoon, we decided to take the ever beautiful scenic drive on Hwy 221 to Linville. Since we were in … More Ice Cream Shop

Popcorn + A Movie

What are you doing there, Opal? Getting ready for movie night. What cha making? Popcorn, with my secret ingredient. In that super huge bowl? Of course! Or else papa will eat it all.  Happy Movie Night!!!

Baby Powder

As a mother, there is nothing more precious than your baby’s tiny bum. Scrolling through the thousands of photos that I have taken in Opal’s three months of life, I’d say at least half are of her little, wrinkly backside. (Cue my melted mommy heart.) Since I am what you would call very picky about … More Baby Powder