Flower Stamping

As a family, we are really trying not to buy “new.” As in go to Target and leave the store $150 later with no memory of sticking $150 worth of items in your cart. Why does that always happen??? Anyway, we fall short sometimes and let the idea of new, shiny things get the best of us, but we are really striving to become more mindful of our purchases, and try to buy from thrift shops, small shops, and local as much as possible, and if we can make it, we do.

This year, after rummaging through our cabinets to see what we could use to make Mother’s Day crafts, we pulled out some old paint-by-number canvases that my great-grandmother had painted back in the day, some left over paint from previous projects, and bought some Mother’s Day daisies (on super sale) from the grocery store to do a little flower stamping. (Side note: I did scour the yard for some flowers to use, but alas, we have nothing hardy enough or big enough to use.)


I painted the canvases for the grandma’s with a couple of coats of eggshell to fully cover the paintings, but I painted mine with a thin layer of white to let the original painting peek through.


Then I dipped a flower into a blob of paint, and with the help of little hands, pressed the flower down onto the canvas.


Some heavy with paint, some light presses, small flowers, big flowers, abstract flowers . . . . whatever rows your creative boat.


These are my three pieces, that I LOVE, which are currently hanging in our kitchen.


And here are sneak peeks of the ones for the grandma’s. It’s such an easy, fun, and only slightly messy craft to do with your little one. Happy flower stamping! xo

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


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