Salt Dough Fall Pumpkins

I love doing crafts. I am by no means Martha Stewart, but I love taking up the dining room table for weeks at a time, spreading my paints, and glitter, and paper scraps on every flat surface in our dining room. Well, until The Mr. starts asking me when exactly will I be finished with said craft and cleaning off the dining room table so that we no longer have to eat on top of felt strips and glue sticks.

It is fall, my favorite season, so I decided to get festive and open up my Give Thanks Pinterest board to pick some ideas and actually do a few of the crafts I have been pinning over the last year(s). Since I have a little one to entertain 24/7, I chose a few that she could lend a little hand (or foot) and help with. First up, easy peasy . . . . .

Salt Dough Fall Pumpkins

What You Need:

~ 1 cup of regular table salt
~ 1 cup of white flour
~ 1/2 cup of water
~ acrylic paints in whatever colors you would like to paint your pumpkins (I used Satin Egg + Satin Goldenrod found in the craft section at Target.)

How To Make Them:

1. // Prep by preheating the oven to 200° and spraying a baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray.

2. // Mix the salt and flour in a medium size bowl. Add water and stir until a dough-like ball begins to form.

3. // Scoop out the gooey blob with your hands and shape into a ball. If the mixture is super sticky, add a little more flour.

4. // Now, split the dough ball in half and place them on the baking sheet. Roughly create a pumpkin shape with you hands and don’t stress on getting it perfect.

5. // Now place the baking sheet on the floor, pick up your baby, somehow press their feet into the pumpkin, and pray all goes well. Of course, you can make handprints, shapes, whatever you would like on the front of your pumpkin instead.

6. // Pop your sheet of pumpkins into the oven and bake for about four hours. Then flip and bake for another two to four hours. (Baking times will vary according to how thick you made your pumpkins.)

7. // Once your pumpkins have finished baking, let them cool overnight.

8. // When you have a spare moment between naps, when papa gets home, or whenever you can find a sliver of time, relax and paint your pumpkins.



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