Opal Bloom // 7 + 8 Months

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Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

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Dear Opal,

I’m really not sure where the months have gone lately. I suppose you are keeping us on our toes these days and time is slipping by faster than we realize. You are growing into a beautiful, flamboyant, little girl, and as we once just knew you were going to be a little copy of your mama, your features, personality, and all of your wonderful attributes are definitely all from papa.

I can’t even count on my two hands all the things you have learned and are figuring out with your inquisitive, little mind over these past couple of months. You can sit up perfectly, give kisses, say mama and dada (although, you said mama first), and recognize your own name, you can press the buttons on your toys, backwards scoot in the walker, you will FINALLY drink milk from a bottle (I never thought I would see the day!), and love apple slices, you ride in the shopping cart and smile at every single person we pass, hold up your arms awaiting to be picked up and snuggled, rock and dance your little heart out any time music is playing, and are perching on your hands and knees, so crawling, we are certain, is just around the corner.

Soon you will be saying ‘goodbye’ to the place where you were welcomed into this world and the first house you ever called home. Our hearts are bittersweet. But we promised you before you were even born, your life will be full of adventure, full of love, and full of anything but ordinary. As we move to a new state, a new place, a new home, this is our first big adventure, our first new chapter, our first everything with you, as a little family of three.


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