Where The Grass Is Greener

Today is the first day of October. Another flip on the old refrigerator calendar. Scanning through the 31 squares filled with birthdays, appointments, bill due dates, travel plans, Halloween, etc., one square stands out in particular; the end of our rental lease. October marks one year since we moved back to Boone into our tiny mountain cabin.

Just as in true Taylor Tribe fashion, it’s time for our annual move. Moving boxes are being collected, packed, and stowed awaiting to be packed into the moving truck at the end of the month. We are saying goodbye to the mountains of North Carolina, and hello to a new place, a new opportunity, new people, new travel adventures, new, new, and more new.

Our families have a running joke that they write down our address on sticky notes in pencil. It changes every year, and that is really no exaggeration. I was told recently that we are constantly looking for “greener grass.” I had to chuckle because that statement, which usually carries such a negative connotation, couldn’t be more true. We are always searching. We like change. We like moving. We like living in new places. We crave new adventures and feel downright restless if we are sitting stagnant.

Our decision to move, again, didn’t happen on a whim. Life has always had a certain way of telling us when it is time to move on. A certain way it leads us to the right path, where everything just unfolds effortlessly. I really can’t explain it and it would probably sound a little kooky if I even tried. But I will say, when we have tried to do things our own way, hurriedly, or didn’t listen, life was just bad. I mean BAD, bad. So when we got the nudge a couple of months ago, we began planning, then made some phone calls, penned in the date on the calendar, and began following the path up to our new home in . . . . .



2 thoughts on “Where The Grass Is Greener

    1. Essentially, working. Darrell is partnering up with a guy that does the same type of work that lives up there. He has work running out of his ears, so we are moving up there while the “getin’ is good.” 🙂


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