Dinner On Watauga Lake

A couple of weeks ago, we had an errand in Tennessee that took us to the edge of Watauga Lake. Since neither of us had ever spent any time exploring the lake, we decided to make the drive to the dam for a family picnic and a small hike on the A.T.

With looming clouds and the smell of rain in the air, we knew we may be short on time, so we drove all the way to the end of the access road to the lookout point. The viewing room was locked tight when we arrived, but lucky for us, there was only one other picnicking family there, so we grabbed the picnic table on the lake’s edge with an amazing view.






We unpacked dinner of garden salad with chicken, sweet potatoes and apple sauce for Opal, and a few snacks, breathed in the cool air from the water, sat in awe and silence, laughed at our silly baby, and enjoyed our time outside.



After dinner, we were hoping to hike off our full bellies on the trail leading back to the dam, but in rolled the thunder, then the downpour of rain.


Instead, we retreated to the car to watch the rain. Not according to our plan, but a beautiful way to end a beautiful evening, nonetheless.


How To Get There:
From Boone, take Hwy 321 to Hampton, TN. Take a right onto Hwy 19E. In 1.8 miles, turn right onto Siam Road (there will be signs leading you to the dam.) In about 3.8 miles, turn right onto Wilbur Dam Road. Once you pass the dam, continue on the paved Lookout Road until you reach the every end. (Please drive slowly for the safety of small children and pets towards the end of Lookout Road. Numerous people were flying through the parking lot just to slam on brakes and turn around at the end, which is around a blind curve. Scary stuff!)


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