[Photo Disclaimer: This was me on my birthday this past weekend. I ate anything and everything that looked appealing. Happy Birthday to me! Now back to my regularly scheduled eating habits.]

Taking stock at the ripe age of 32 . . . . .

Making // oatmeal for breakfast. I forgot how much I love oatmeal!
Cooking // almond butter banana cookies. I hope the baked cookies are as good as the batter.
Drinking // lots of coffee. Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend to be exact.
Reading // Girls in White Dresses. Well in truth, my book mark has been on page 1 for the past month.
Wanting // a change of pace.
Looking // for a beautiful address book. Yes, the old school kind. I’m nostalgic when it comes to pen and paper.
Playing // with my baby for more hours than I can count. She is so much fun now!
Wasting // too much time browsing Jane.com.
Sewing // Wait. Do I have a sewing machine?
Wishing // I had a personal chef. Or maybe to even like cooking. Or that dinner would just materialize in the fridge without me having to deal with it.
Enjoying // catching up with old friends IΒ lost touch with somewhere along the way.
Liking // the fact that Opal is sleeping through the night. It is so nice actually feeling refreshed in the morning.
Wondering // when we should reveal some big news. (And no, we are not having another baby.)
Loving // WorkFlowy. Make lists. Not war.
Hoping // our pug adoption goes through.
Marveling // at how much our baby changes every. single. day. One day she couldn’t do something, then will blow your mind the next.
Needing // a few extra hours in the day.
Smelling // Mrs. Meyer’s basil scent. I’m doing some Pinterest experimentation. Blog posts coming soon!
Wearing // flip-flops everyday. Having to stow them soon for winter makes me sad.
Following // Snaps and Blabs. My favorite blogger. Bar none. Their family will soon be ending aΒ four-year journey of traveling the world. A bittersweet time even for me as a reader.
Noticing // our nights are already getting colder. 50s = burrrrr.
Knowing // siding is going on the house this weekend! Yippee! If you need a refresher, read our Taylor Homestead posts here and here.
Thinking // about going for a walk. It’s too pretty to be inside all day.
Feeling // sore. Hopped back on the exercise horse this week after taking entirely too many weeks off. Needless to say, sore is an understatement.
Bookmarking // free adventures and festivals around Boone.
Opening // a new chapter in our lives. Soon . . .
Giggling // about my healthy baby girl’s growth dot for weight sitting on top of the 100 percentile line at her 6 month check-up yesterday.


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