Happy World Breastfeeding Week


This year I am so proud to have the opportunity to be included in a of celebration of women, babies, and boobies every where. Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

I have been very fortunate in my journey as a new mom and breastfeeding mother. We have successfully been breastfeeding for over six months now without a hitch. Although I am not one of those moms that is the least bit apprehensive about pulling out a boob in public when it is feeding time, so many out there are more reserved and nervous about perceptions when it comes to baring it all in public. I was thrilled upon reading this years mission on the World Breastfeeding Week website; a “concerted global action to support women to combine breastfeeding and work. Whether a woman is working in the formal, non-formal or home setting, it is necessary that she is empowered in claiming her and her baby’s right to breastfeed.

Combining work and child rearing is a topic close to my heart, no matter the feeding preference (i.e. breast, bottle feeding, formula . . .) Our family owns our own business, which allows me to successfully be a work-at-home mother, but in a country where maternity, and the lack of paternity, leave are at the low-end of priorities when assessing work benefits, I am willing to stand and let my voice be heard in support of employers creating a more family/parent/baby and mother-friendly environment.

Encouragement, help, and support to other mothers are all so important on this journey we selflessly embark on. If you see a nervous mom breastfeeding, give her a quick smile to let her know you support her. If a mom is trying to wrangle a tribe of children into the bathroom just to have a second to pee, offer to help watch them. If mom looks frazzled and like she hasn’t slept in days, buy an extra cup of coffee for her. We have never needed to bring back to notion of “the village” more so than we need it today. Mommies unite!


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