Opal Bloom // 5 + 6 Months






Dear Opal,

These past two months have flown by without me even realizing how much you have grown from a tiny baby into a busy little girl. It wasn’t until yesterday as I scrolled through the hundreds of baby photos on my iPhone that I realized how much your little face is changing into your own unique features, how long your little body looks when I carry you in my arms, how active you have become, and even how much your tiny head of hair has grown.

You have hit so many milestones over these past two months, I can’t even keep count. You are now well-adjusted to eating your homemade baby food three times a day, with zucchini, of all things, being #1 on your favorite foods list. You can sit up, roll over, and even stand for a few seconds while gripping the cushions on the couch. You are a spoiled girl and have so many toys to choose from, but this month your eyes especially light up for your glow worm night light, a yellow rubber kitchen spatula, and an Honest Co. wipes package.

Papa and I are so happy that you have finally began to enjoy snuggles and cuddling as much as we do. We always look forward to the weekend mornings when we have nothing better to do but stay in the bed as long as possible and laugh, and play, and take turns stealing kisses and rubbing our noses on your warm cheeks. You have finally got the hang of this sleeping in your own crib thing and have, on occasion, started sleeping through the entire night. (Insert the praise hands emoji.) Although papa and I are happy to have our whole bed back, it’s so hard to not tip toe over to you just to take a peek at you sleeping.

You are really enjoying the outdoors now. Although you still love hiking and looking at the trees, being pushed in your stroller for an afternoon walk around the lake is something you look forward to. You seem to get excited when we load your big stroller into the car and coo with happiness all the way to the lake. But you rarely make a peep while on our strolls and we are constantly checking to see if you have fallen to sleep. Most of the time you are just watching and taking in the people and the sights with your big, bright eyes.

Every month you grow and every month you add more and more fun to our lives. Our play time is always my favorite part of the day because I love hearing you giggle so much and watching you smile. Just as you have always been, you are still such a happy baby girl. We can’t wait to see what another month brings and how much fuller our already full hearts can be.


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