Trust The Day


My husband turned 34 yesterday. He has the most beautiful heart I have ever seen and as another year passes, he grows another year wiser. I always feel like I have so much to learn from him. He is constantly, patiently, teaching me and I never feel as though I have a comparable gift as such to return.

A few days ago when we were trying to leave for a weekend trip, things were going every which way other than the way it was supposed to go. We had a plan. We were organized. We were ready. And somehow the hours slipped by, causing us to be in a tremendous hurry well past leaving time. Snappy and agitated, I heard my hubby say, “Enjoy the process.” Wow. He get’s it! And he learned that from me!

Until that very moment, it never dawned on me that since I have found my place in this world on my fortuitous mental journey these past few weeks, I have engendered such a sense of calm in our home. No worries. Sans any guilt. Just a peacefully running household. Instead of feeling frustrated or angry when an event is not going according to our preconceived plan, I have began to utter the simple phrase, my mantra, “Trust the day and enjoy the process.” Meaning, we stop dead in our tracks, take a deep breath, drop our idea of the perfect scenario, slow down, and trust where the day is taking us. Even if it takes us WAY off course around the moon, we let it. Things somehow eventually get done. All of our needs seem to somehow get met. Everything always works out in the end. Sometimes with ice cream.

Slow down. Trust your day. It will take you where you are supposed to go.


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