5 Random Facts About Me

1. // I am “heel on wheels” when it comes to plants. (That was a Geico commercial reference if you didn’t get that.) The only plants to survive in my care are our Philodendron, Fern, who has survived numerous moves, being burned to a crisp, a bad attempt at a “haircut,” and living in a trash bag for a week after she got knocked off of a table and her pot broke. Oh, and our new outdoor succulents. Lucky for them, it’s hard to kill a succulent.

2. // I have a fear of running out of toilet paper. I actually keep two rolls in our car at all times as an emergency stash. You just never know.

3. // Oprah is my spirit animal. I always hear people making negative comments about her, or gossiping about what they have heard, (These people are not even in Oprah’s circle, so what could they possibly know?). I don’t care. I love her. She started with absolutely nothing and worked her butt off to get to where she is today. She is fearless. And that’s pretty admirable in my book.

4. // It’s actually pretty funny to live in our house and we are laughing All. The. Time. You get text messages like, “There is a groundhog chewing on our front porch.” True story.  While whipping up a meal in someone else’s kitchen we say things like, “Make sure that’s sugar and not cocaine.” Another true story. And my all-time favorite, “Should I wear my hiking boots or hiking shoes?” In response you get, “Would Steve Irwin wear shoes?”  “Good point. I’ll go with boots.”  Yes, another true story.

5. // I never pour undrunk (Yes, that is a word. Swear. I googled it.) water down the drain. If we don’t finish what is in our drinking glasses or water bottles, I either use it to water the plants, pour it in the washing machine, or just dump it outside in the grass.


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