The Lump

After wandering through the trail at Cascade Falls, we all piled back into the car and continued north on the parkway to MP #264.4, The Lump Overlook.



Not quite as busy as The Cascades, but still a steady flow of photo snappers and a favorite picnic spot nonetheless. Even with an overcast day, the Blue Ridge Mountains still give you a beautiful backdrop.

Before digging into our picnic lunch fare, we tackled the incline known as The Lump.




The top was a little overgrown, and there was actually mowing in progress while we were there, but still worth it for the quiet moment and the view.



While we were poking around looking at the berry bushes, we noticed the immense number of bees collecting from the wildflowers. With our country’s bee population in critical decline, it warmed my heart to be surrounded by the busy buzzing.


The brush was a little high to enjoy a picnic on top, so we headed back down . . . . .


to pick a spot in the soft, summer grass for food, fresh air, and fun times spent with my funny family and friends.

How To Get There:
The Lump Overlook is located at MP #264.4 on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


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