Ice Cream Shop

Summer time means one thing at the Taylor homestead, ICE CREAM! Ice cream in pints, ice cream from scoop shops, ice cream homemade; it doesn’t matter. It is time for ice cream.

On one warm, sunny afternoon, we decided to take the ever beautiful scenic drive on Hwy 221 to Linville. Since we were in Linville, which is close to Banner Elk, and since there is an ice cream shop in Banner Elk, we might as well venture into town and have a scoop. (That’s ice cream logic 101.)

The quaint little Ice Cream Shop is nestled on a side street in downtown Banner Elk. It’s brightly colored doors are always swung open wide welcoming you inside.


Do I want the Blue Bunny mint chocolate chip or plain chocolate. Maybe the Breyer’s butter pecan? Waffle cone or cup? Choosing an ice cream flavor is always quite arduous. (Que hand on forehead.)


After mulling over flavor options for quite some time, I picked a fresh waffle cone of mint chocolate chip and The Mr. choose a double of the butter pecan.


We found an empty bench just outside the shop, which was the perfect shady spot to enjoy our ice cream and share a few licks with a tiny, demanding tongue.


So on that very day, it had begun. A third spoon has forever been added to our ice cream bowl. We have produced our own little ice cream fan.


How To Get There:
The Ice Cream Shop is located on Central Way, off of Hwy 184, just before the main stoplight. You will find the little brown building between the post office and Banner Elk Cafe.


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