Opal Bloom // 4 Months

Opal Bloom // 4 Months

Dear Opal,

In true Taylor fashion, you managed to even shock your pediatrician at your four-month check-up this month. At 18.11 pounds, you are in the 97th percentile. Mama and papa are so proud of our strong and very healthy growing girl.

Your little hands have been quite busy this month. You pull, scratch, stroke, grip, and even hit anything you can get your hands on; namely hair and mama’s boob while nursing. Teddy bears and dolls haven’t quite captivated your attention just yet, but anything that rattles and shakes is fun and keeps those busy hands moving.

Lately, ourΒ new favorite part of the week is bath time. When I lift you over the tub, your little feet start to kick before I can even get you down to the water. Then you kick, and splash, and coo, then look up with a big, tongue sticking out, Opal smile on your face. You have such a big time, there is usually no water left in the tub. (It’s all on mama, of course.)

You also learned to scream this month. While we were staying in a hotel room, nonetheless. Of course you take every opportunity to show off your high-pitched scream, that quickly escalates into a high-pitched screech, and we have since named you “the tiny pterodactyl.”

You are becoming such a playful girl.Β Although you require constant entertainment, we are more than happy to keep a big smile on your face with our antics. You are no longer a little blob, but a rolling, kicking, “talkative,” smiley baby girl.


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