Mother's Day Gifts

(My Mother’s Day gifts this year; lots of love, tiny feet, and fist bumps.)

As a blogger, every now and then it is so refreshing to just kick back and share what is on your mind. We have been busy bees lately, and with so much going on, therefore so much to catch up on, I had not found the right opportunity to share what is going on behind the scenes at The Taylor Homestead. Now that order has been restored to our home, somewhat, I have a few minutes to think, write, and share.

Thinking About // Where life is taking us. After having a baby, every now and again we have a conversation about what we want out of life and what we want to offer Opal. We have thrown around a ton of ideas and scenarios, but we keep coming back to the same conclusion. We want our own farm. We are both very passionate about living sustainably and self-sufficiently and are in love with the idea of finding a great piece of land (in the mountains of course) for farming, building our own small house, having the chickens, horses, and the whole nine and even teaching others how to live a more sustainable, conscious life. It’s certainly not financially in the very near future, but we have decided upon our return from New Hampshire, we are on a spending freeze from buying new and we are going to whittle down our spending budget as much as possible. Free is our new best friend and we are looking forward to the challenge! And looking forward to blogging about our frugal adventures. Wish us luck!

Feeling // Giddy! We are leaving this weekend to travel to New Hampshire for 10 days. Darrell was accepted into a hardscapes technical training course in Manchester, so our house is buzzing with preparations this week. We are making the 13 hour drive with a 3 month old, so this may be quite an interesting trip. :/

Thankful For // My little person. I can’t even describe how much I love that little girl. Since day one, she has been a very easy baby, but now as we are approaching 4 months old, she is a dream. She is growing more active and more fun by the day. We play, we read books, we go to the park, we hike, we smile, we cackle, we do our normal everyday life and it is so much more fun now with our little one. Before I had her, the thought of motherhood made me a little nervous. Darrell and I lived life on the go, by the seat of our pants, and I really didn’t want that to change. I didn’t know if I was ready for the responsibility. Or honestly if I was ready to be a leader, a teacher, and a  24/7 caregiver. After she came, we quickly learned that to be the best parents we could be, we had to break the mold and develop our own parenting style. We learned we don’t have to stop our typical outings and can go where we please, she is just along for the ride. We get more sleep at night when we co-sleep, so she has spent little time in her crib. We are so thankful that we chose not to use cloth diapers. That wouldn’t have worked for us. We still spend as much time out-of-doors as possible, and she seems to be developing a love of nature too. Now, with all fears and worries and expectations diminished, motherhood has been the best choice I ever made. Being a mom ROCKS!

Eating // Pretty much whatever I want, within limits. Me and food {and exercise} have come to a truce. Exercising and eating a strict paleo diet seven days a week just doesn’t work for me anymore. And that’s okay. Life is different now. I have a different schedule and different daily demands. I lift weights, using our home gym a few times a week. Some days I may only get 15 minutes during a nap, if I’m lucky 30. We invested in a really nice, used jogging stroller, so Opal and I hit the park to do a few laps around the track when the sun is shining. A few nights a week we lace up our hiking boots and take off after dinner to forage through the woods around our property. Once a week we can usually get in a pretty good hike. It is a huge change from the stressful, sweaty workouts from our personal training days, but in this season of life, it is the perfect balance. In an effort to not upset the paleo police, I won’t say that we are continuing to eat paleo. We just simply eat healthy. We are still consuming copious amounts of fruits and veggies, we don’t buy processed food, and still only have one sweet treat a week, okay maybe two, but every now and then we eat pizza, popcorn, and the occasional restaurant sandwich. It is certainly not something we dwell on or feel guilty about later. Life is too short to not order french toast or a stack of pancakes. Loaded with gooey syrup.

Listening To // Podcasts. I’m disgusted with the radio. The constant negativity, violence, and bias in the news is really pinching my nerves. So I have turned to podcasts. If anyone has any {free} podcast recommendations, I’m all ears!

Watching // The approach of summer. In this high elevation, we are a little behind the curve when it comes to leaves and blooms. It has only been in the past week that our trees have finally sprouted all of their leaves. Lately, I find myself lost in the beautiful, green serenity just outside of our window. The songbirds that greet us in the morning. The spring rains that keep the creek beside of our house full and trickling. The trees, local plant life, and grass creating a green canvas. Oh, do I ever get lost. Someone once said to me, “We are lucky enough to live in the postcard.” And we certainly are.

Reading // Blogs. Darrell and I recently decided to cut our social media consumption even more and focus on our blog. Which got me thinking, I wanted to be supportive and read other people’s blog posts as well. If the blogger took the time to write a post, they are expressing something important to them, so I want to take the time to read it. You can still find us here, obviously, on Google+, and on Pinterest. We no longer use Instagram or Facebook. (We only have a Facebook account because I use it for work.) Update 6.2.15: Okay. Scratch that. We had a family meeting and decided to resume our use of Facebook. Let’s be friends!

Loving // This season of life we are in.

* The idea for this post came from the lovely flora & fauna.


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