Fiesta Flowers

While scouring Pinterest for a little Cinco de Mayo inspiration for our fiesta, I found a pin for making large fiesta flowers. I still had a ton of tissue paper stored in my craft supplies dating back to last year from my baby shower, so this was going to be perfect. Except for I couldn’t find the pin again. I should have repinned it. Anyway, so from my mommy brain memory, I just had to wing it. After a few flower fails, I finally achieved the vision that was in my head and it ended up being quite an easy process. The Mr. even made one, that totally looked better than mine, I might add.

Fiesta Flowers

What You Need:
~ A LOT of tissue paper in various colors, depending on how many flowers you want to make. Each flower will take 4 – 6 sheets.
~ stapler
~ scissors

How To Make It:

Step 1 // Stack 4 – 6 sheets of tissue paper on top of one another. (Six sheets for large flowers, four for slightly less elaborate flowers.)

Fiesta Flowers

Step 2 // Accordion fold your tissue paper together. (i.e. Make a giant paper fan like you did in grade school.)

Fiesta Flowers

Step 3 // Fold your giant fan in half to find the center point and staple.

Fiesta Flowers

Your flower in progress should look like this:

Fiesta Flowers

Step 4 // Carefully fully separate the layers of tissue paper to fluff up your flower.

Fiesta Flowers

Step 5 // Using your scissors, trim the top layer to form your flowers center. Then roughly trim the other layers starting from the center, shorter to longer, reveling each color of paper.

Fiesta Flowers

Step 6 // Now crinkle the layers of tissue paper to fluff and blend. Or if you are like me, you are using used tissue paper and it is already crinkled so you want it to all look the same.

Fiesta Flowers

You may need to use a staple or two on your bottom layer to give your flower a rounder shape, then work and trim your paper until you are happy with it. I just used a few piece of packing tape on the back to tape them around our window. We actually love having the pop of bold colors on our white wall so much, our flowers have become a permanent art piece in our dining room. ¡Olé!

Cinco de Mayo 2015


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