Popcorn + A Movie

What are you doing there, Opal?

Popcorn + A Movie

Getting ready for movie night.

What cha making?

Popcorn + A Movie

Popcorn, with my secret ingredient.

In that super huge bowl?

Popcorn + A Movie

Of course! Or else papa will eat it all. 

Popcorn + A Movie

Happy Movie Night!!!


3 thoughts on “Popcorn + A Movie

  1. This makes me happy =). I just came across your blog and I can’t believe how long its been. Congratulations on your beautiful family!


      1. I got married April 2014 and we moved to Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Lets just say its entirely too sunny for my pale skin, but it never gets below 70. Its been so long, I bet the Mr. doesn’t even remember me. I love your blog! I read a lot of it over the weekend and it inspired me to get rid of a lot of our junk. I now have an entire room full of crap we don’t need and plan on having a yard sale. I would really like to catch up, I didn’t realize how nostalgic your blog would make me. I miss Mom, I miss Weasel and I have a ton of old pictures I want to send you from the old days. Please e-mail me anytime (kecj0906@outlook.com), I wouldn’t mind picking your brain about nutrition and some other things.

        Miss you guys –


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