Baby Powder

As a mother, there is nothing more precious than your baby’s tiny bum. Scrolling through the thousands of photos that I have taken in Opal’s three months of life, I’d say at least half are of her little, wrinkly backside. (Cue my melted mommy heart.)

Since I am what you would call very picky about what productsΒ I put on my family’s skin, especially my baby, I decided to skip reading the ingredient list on the back of every baby care product and make ourΒ own. Our first experiment was making baby powder. I scoured Pinterest until I found the easiest, yet effective recipe, and I have to thank Wellness Mama for this one.

Baby Powder

Baby Powder

What You Need:
~ 1/2 cup arrowroot powder
~ 4 drops of german chamomile essential oil
~ powdered sugar shaker or other shaker bottle

Baby Powder

How To Make It:
Scoop the arrowroot powder into the shaker. Add the essential oil. Using a fork, break up the clumps that form when oil meets powder. Shake a bit to combine. Done.

Take Notes:
~ Is arrowroot powder not the messiest thing ever??!! Can you imagine cleaning up the production plant that makes that stuff? #bobsredmillproblems
~ After giving this recipe a week trial, I love it. It keeps Opal’s bum pretty dry and rash free through the night. It’s a keeper in our house!
~ I order everything I need for this recipe from Vitacost.

Now, I couldn’t resist.

Baby Powder

Baby Powder


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