Opal Bloom // 2 Months

2 Months

Dear Opal,

It is very hard to believe that you turned two months old this week! Looking back at your photos from last month and the month before, you have grown and grown into a beautiful, happy baby that makes us smile 24/7.

This month everyone comments on how much you look like your mother. You have my big, bright eyes, although they are still daddy’s shade of gray, my chin and chubby cheeks, my thin lips and small mouth. You look so much like me as an infant, Daddy and I have started calling you our little papoose, and it has stuck.

You have also began to give us big smiles and laughs, and we certainly try to make you laugh as often as we can. You have the sweetest little coo and it melts our hearts to hear you “talking” to us.

You are ready to be on the move, even at a mere two months old. If we place you on your belly, you try with all of your might to move your legs and knees. It will be all too soon before we see your first roll and even crawl. We just know it. Daddy has been ensuring you do your squats daily, and you have remarkably strong legs already. πŸ™‚

My heart melts and falls in love with you each and every day. I love watching you take in the world through your little gray eyes. Our favorite thing to do with you these days is to walk around with you on our shoulders, inside or out. We tell you about the trees or visit the rabbits. We sing songs and take tours of the house again and again. We teach you about life, about nature, and about love.


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