Welcome Spring

Spring is slowly creeping in to our neck of the woods. You can smell it in the air. You can feel it in the warm breeze. You can see it in the blades of grass that are popping up in deep shades of green. Spring marks a new season for us. Not just as a date written on the calendar, but a new season in our lives. It’s time to awaken, time to enjoy the longer days and fresh air, time to do life out-of-doors. Our season of mental solitude.

We have been waiting on spring all winter long. Winter marked the end of nine months of pregnancy, we introduced a new baby into our family, The Mr. worked two jobs and was away seven days a week, snow storms kept us in and cozy but made daily life more difficult than usual, and tending to the quirks of a house in progress all served as a stiff reminder of how hard and tiresome winter can be in the mountains.

Therefore, with open arms, we welcome spring.

Spring 1

Spring 2

Spring 3

Spring 4

Spring 5

Spring 6

Spring 7

(Photos from one of our recent daily walks around our beautiful property.)


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