Valentine’s Day // Red + Pink

It was two days before Valentine’s Day and I had an epiphany. I have a child now. Not that that was news to me, rather it was that I realized I have a legitimate excuse to have free reign on the house when it comes to decorating for holidays. Even if Baby Opal is only two weeks old, she needs a proper Valentine’s Day.

I scoured Pinterest and rummaged through my craft supplies and box of miscellaneous paper and ribbons to see what Valentine’s decor I could cut and paste together. Then I found this adorable banner, which was my jumping off point, and the creative juices began flowing in red and pink.

V Day 2015 1

V Day 2015 2

V Day 2015 3

V Day 2015 4

 (White roses from Mommy and Daddy to our special valentine!)

V Day 2015 5

V Day 2015 6

V Day 2015 7

V Day 2015 8

V Day 2015 9

When the 14th finally arrived, we had big plans for Valentine’s Day breakfast, special dessert, gifts, etc. Instead our Valentine’s Day looked a lot like this . . . . .

V Day 2015 Meltdown

We had upset tummies, a cranky baby all day, a blowout in our Valentine’s Day heart gown, and a meltdown when it was time to open gifts.

But we didn’t let it get us down. The next day, we just had an extra day of love, a Valentine’s Day do-over.

V Day 2015 Gift

(Opal’s Valentine’s Day gift, an owl bank, already funded with cash from Grandmoo. That is one loved girl!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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