Opal Bloom // 3 Weeks

3 Weeks

Dear Opal,

This week you turned three weeks old. My, oh my. You are growing so big already. We dressed you in your blue snowflake sleeper last Saturday, the same one you wore the Saturday before, but only this time, your little toes stretched all the way to the bottom. Although, we can’t keep you in a sleeper very long. You have definitely inherited daddy’s hot-nature, so pants are typically optional. Socks and a onesie make for a happy baby.

Your tiny belly button made an appearance this week, giving us a new place to smother with kisses. It has been bitterly cold these past few days, so we have yet to move to the next step; the bathtub. I’m certain you are in no hurry. You already cry and squirm with all your might during your sponge baths now, so we are not expecting feelings of excitement about sitting in a tub of water. Although you may surprise us. You do that on occasion.

Our favorite new thing to watch you do this week is to explore the world with your little fingers and hands. Mainly daddy’s beard, sometimes Charlotte’s fur, your soft blankets, or your own ears and nose. Mommy just gets socked in the face with flying fists from time to time. Of course, Daddy get’s a kick out of that.

Next week you will be one month old. It’s hard to believe our little love has only been on this earth for one month and you have brought so much to our lives already. With each new day you bring us more surprises, more wonderment, and more and more love.


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