Opal Bloom // 2 Weeks

Opal - 2 Weeks

Dear Opal,

It’s hard to believe our newborn girl is already two weeks old. Every Monday when daddy and I glance at the clock, we stop and reminisce about what was happening at that exact moment on the day you were born. I hope we never stop doing that.

This week you are giving us more and more precious smiles. Mainly when you are sleeping, but it makes us giddy just the same. You love looking out the windows and will sit in our arms and stare at the sunshine for as long as your little attention span can keep you still. After you sneeze, you have began making a heart melting little sigh that daddy and I gush over every single time. This week you are getting used to the idea of sleeping in your own crib, although most nights you still end up in our bed. We just can’t bear the tears every 15 minutes. “It’s winter,” we tell ourselves. “She’s just too cold.” Then you doze off without a hitch for hours at a time, cozy and warm between the ones that love you most.


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