Waiting On Baby

Waiting on Baby

Here we sit. Patiently waiting. The nursery is ready. Our bag is packed. Today I ordered our baby ring sling, which finishes up my final “to do” on my mental getting ready for baby list. So now . . . . . we wait. Sighhhh.

I think we are both still in udder amazement that WE, Darrell and Heather, are going to now be forever known simply as daddy and mommy. I don’t think that either of us thought WE would ever be the ones stockpiling diapers and onesies, gooing over tiny baby socks, and relocating our own belongings to make room for high chairs and playpens and baby tubs. Looking back on our life together through the years, I just can’t envision toting a baby through the ups and downs we endured or even the adventures we embarked on. But now, it seems right. We are a complete bundle of nerves and giddy as can be new parents all wrapped up into one. We sit and eat breakfast talking about our new life with baby. We fall asleep talking about our new life with baby. It seems every conversation these days is about our new baby. We are looking forward to the snuggles and kisses, the hikes and trips, and even the mundane slow days with our new baby.

Honestly, at 39 weeks + 4 days, I thought I would be a little more stressed right now. There somehow seems to be a calm, peaceful energy flowing through our home. I can’t think of a single thing that has to be done this very instant or the baby’s arrival just won’t be perfect. I guess that makes me thankful for our minimalist lifestyle and my free spirit. Contrary to some of the “advice” we have been given, we don’t expect our life to stop or even change all that much. Maybe just a few less hours of sleep. But we are not really worried about that. Life only changes when you want it to and, quite frankly, we don’t really want it to. We are happy with our perfectly imperfect life. There are already travel plans scribbled on our calendar. There is still plenty of time to get those items we may need, if we need them. There is plenty of time to finish the projects we are working on come spring and summer. There will be no life altering slow down, as we are pretty diligent about living slowly and intentionally already, always seeking our passion for life and adventure and daring to be different. The mere thought of having our very own little person just ‘slide right in’ is enough to make my heart burst with excitement.




One thought on “Waiting On Baby

  1. So interesting to read about your thoughts about your new role un life. I have experienced through my job as a Danish health visitor that after the birth its hard to remember these thouhgts and feeling, because a new ara is here. I would be so pleased if you would read some of my posts on the subject BabyCare. I prefer to keep it simple. ( no need of buying every thing available for babies)


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