Keeping Things Untangled // A Necklace Rack

I have a great collection of necklaces from all over the world that I rarely wear because I just don’t have the patience to untangle the giant knot that they have become over the years. I’ve tried a jewelry box, which I just end up throwing things into without a thought of organization. I’ve tried hanging them around a hanger, which resulted in an even bigger knot. I’ve even just thrown them in a bag, just so I don’t have to look at them.

I decided it was time. Time to pull out my wad of beautiful beads and pendants and create a space in which I could, fingers crossed, gulp, keep them untangled.

Upstairs is an open loft that you can refer to as the master bedroom, closet, nursery, storage area, office, hangout room, or cozy nook and it all means the same room. We may lack in proper closets, but we do have these great racks we inherited with the house. Just to give you a visual of what our “closet” looks like . . . .


Pay no mind to the bottom, left corner. Our laundry obviously runneth over.

Since I have taken over all the drawers in the dresser, my hang ups only take over one, tiny side, leaving us with an open rack.

Empty Rack

Which became my inspiration for a necklace hanger.

Since our house came mostly furnished, down to the shower curtain rings, I still had our old ones lying around for one of those “just in case” moments. I am so glad they escaped the good will box, because they are the perfect hooks to hold my embellishments.

Slap those puppies on the rack and . . . .

Shower Curtain Hooks Turned Necklace Hooks

Necklace Rack

Ta-daa! I have myself a necklace rack.

Although I’m sure most of you are not fortunate enough to not have a closet and awesome clothes racks like ours, but any towel rack, stick, or straight hanging object will do. Grab yourself some shower curtain hooks at your local thrift shop and you can have a nice collection of tangle-free necklaces too!


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