One For The Mr.

To set the scene, me in the kitchen preparing dinner. The Mr. sitting at the bar checking his email while sipping a glorious evening cup of cinnamon coffee. (He doesn’t care too much for cinnamon, so glorious may be stretching it a bit. On his part.)

The Mr.: No Wild Bloom today?

Me: Que scowling stare.

The Mr.: You said yesterday, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Me: Que another scowling stare. The night is still young.

So here you go my loving, #1 blog reader, thoughtful husband that buys me cinnamon coffee. This post is just for you.

I’ll even throw in a photo from the archives for good measure.


This is the day we announced to the world we were expecting a baby! It also happened to me my mom’s birthday and we had traveled out of town to my parent’s house to celebrate. I was just over 11 weeks.


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