The Return of the Content Blogger

33 Weeks

I know. I know. My blog has been nothing less than boring lately. I just haven’t felt very “bloggy.” Not that I don’t have a gazillion blog ideas running through my head, especially on those insomnia filled nights when my internal alarm clock beeps at 3:30 am. I’ll admit it. I’ve just been a lazy, tired, procrastinator extraordinaire these days. Writing (a.k.a. using my brain) just seems like a chore, next in line to exercise.

Although we haven’t been anywhere extravagant, no fancy restaurants, or really even seen outside the four walls of our home these past few weeks, we have been content. The baby is getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER. I now only have three shirts and zero pairs of pants that actually fit me. I have been content spending my days in Darrell’s sweat pants, only stuffing my large baby bump into a pair of uncomfortable maternity jeans if I absolutely have to. The baby has also realized that it likes to lounge with its little feet in my ribs, so fitting a lopsided baby bump into maternity jeans comfortably is next to impossible.

I have also hit the water retention stage in my pregnancy. If I am on my feet for more than an hour, I blow up like a water balloon and am quickly instructed to go put my feet up. Which is fine. I’m perfectly content sitting, spending time with the little big one, watching it kick and roll around, contorting my belly and guessing which little body part is sticking out.

Breakfast/lunch/dinner has consisted of whatever we can pull out of the fridge that we can mix together, plop in a roasting pan, and not taste too bad. Lately it has been Thanksgiving leftovers, including various leftover pies. Our bellies are content. Especially with that last part.

So yes, our life sounds extra boring right now in comparison. I can easily use the excuse that I am lacking in inspiration, therefore my blog is suffering and fading. But that is not really the case. The definition of “normal” that once defined our life is changing within these four walls, I just need to get off my lazy arse and write about it.

See you tomorrow.


P.S. I hit 33 weeks today. The baby is approx. the size of a pineapple.


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