Odds + Ends

It’s Friday! Hooray! So I guess that means I need to write a post about our week. I didn’t take any corresponding pictures, so my rambling words will have to suffice. Although if you need something visual, you can always scroll through our Instagram feed.

// It has been a pretty slow week around the Taylor Homestead. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary is going on here. (Which is highly unusual.) I am in full on nesting mode, putting away the baby things we received at our baby shower last week and tying up personal loose ends. Although the looming question is, where is the end? I’m working on cleaning out my To Do basket (the basket that sits beside my desk where I toss things that I need to read, work on, make phone calls about, etc.) After a productive week, there are currently only three items placed neatly inside, and one isn’t even mine. Happy dance!

// Darrell is finally finishing the crib. Baby Taylor will be using my old crib that I used as a baby. There was just one problem; if the baby went to thrashing, the crib would go to rocking. Yikes! I am happy to report that it is securely, mama approved, reinforced. Now it is just waiting on a good sanding and a coat of paint. Tic-toc daddy!

// Charlotte hasn’t moved off of the blanket draped couch this week.

// The Christmas craft planning has begun! After a quick trip to the dollar store and the craft store tomorrow, I will be ready to join everyone in the land of candy canes and Christmas trees. I can’t believe how many people are already partaking in Christmas festivities! I will diligently work on my crafts, (I am actually late this year), but I refuse to even look through my decorations until after I fill my belly with turkey next week.

// Speaking of turkey, what are your Thanksgiving holiday plans?

// I have eaten entirely too many cookies this week. I blame The Mr. He has declared it cookie week, and I am embarrassed to say, I have partaken in his holiday every night. Good thing my wardrobe currently consists of stretchy pants.


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