Taylor Homestead // Tearing Down

So this is it. This is the mess we walked into and said we would take on. And this is only a portion of the downstairs. Of course standing in the doorway last week on the first morning we were to dive in, we asked each other if we were, in fact, insane.

Just a basic list of what all must happen before Baby Taylor arrives:
– The sagging roof needs to be raised and braced with collar ties (which requires removing the entire ceiling)
– Insulation needs to be installed in the ceiling
– Two windows need to be installed upstairs
– Final old wall on the outside of the cabin must be torn down and replaced with new OSB, wrap, insulation, siding and whatever else you do to a wall
– Three windows need to be replaced downstairs
– A new back door needs to be installed
– A sheet of whatever that stuff is needs to be installed in the bathroom, along with a new sink
– The kerosene monitor heater needs to be set and in working order
– The gas stove needs a new hose
– Decorative trim must be cut/stained/installed around the new windows and beams
– The entire inside of the house needs fresh paint
– A huge crack in the flagstone in the living room floor needs to be filled
– I’ll make an extra bullet becauseΒ I’m sure I’m forgetting something

Oy vey!

Since prego ladies are to avoid things like mouse and bat poo and insulation, my duties were downstairs in the kitchen and dining area.Β In an attempt to keep the overwhelmingness of it all to a minimum, I needed to create a solace space (a clean space I can sit in free of rodent poo, spiders, dust, and who knows what else was lurking in this house), and pronto. After some powerful elbow grease and a few unorthodox pregnant lady positions, we had a clean, organized space. (Confession: I still have not cleaned the inside of the refrigerator. It’s scary in there. I may shop vac it first.)

(I am so excited about the open shelving for our dishes! I have always wanted those. πŸ™‚ )

While I was scrubbing and vacuuming away downstairs, Darrell was armed with a crow bar and hammer, removing the upstairs ceiling. If things got quiet, I would run up and check to ensure he wasn’t brutally attacked by some wild creature hiding up there. All went well, thankfully, and he actually finished the ceiling removal in record time.

The next morning, since Darrell was still in destruction mode, he tore off the side of the house.

While Darrell was hanging off a ladder, I had to figure out what to do about feeding our tummies. We had made a grocery store run on the day we arrived, but you know how it is when you go in without a plan. You get stressed, you get disoriented, you end up just throwing things in the cart, and you stop in the ice cream section. Not even considering I only had a George Foreman grill, a crock pot, and a toaster to work with, we bought all the wrong things, but I had to make it work.

Steamed broccoli and grilled pork chops, anyone?

Or how about a sweet potato a la crock pot?

My favorite, grilled spicy bratwurst with sauteed peppers and onions.

Our first few days = progress! Next up on the Taylor Homestead update; Building Up!


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