Scenes From the Weekend

I am a teeny bit late in posting about last weekend, seeing as how it is already a day away from the next weekend, but it has been one of “those” kinds of weeks. Last week we stayed in our dreamy, little green cabin in the woods. We didn’t do anything other than walk around the cabin with our mental notepad discussing what needs to be done and where on earth to begin. The remainder of the time was spent relaxing with coffee cup in hand, watching the rain fall and the animals stroll outside of our living room window. Oh the animals!

I must admit, at four months away from baby, we are under some serious stress to get this house ready for winter and get settled in. I’m a little nervous to say the least. Taking one day at a time, copious amounts of coffee, and many helping hands are going to be our key to sanity. We are so fortunate to have such extra-special friends and family that have offered their help, which we are gladly accepting.

As for today, it’s packing, packing, and more packing. Tomorrow, back to the cabinΒ for the work to begin!


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