A Tech Spruce Up // My Current Obsession

Moons  Arrows

As of late, I have been working diligently, (although diligently may be a stretch) cleaning out my computer. I have thousands of photos to load onto Shutterfly, a ton of documents from the past that I never deleted, even some old blog entries that I began never to finish. While giving my computer a fresh, slimming clean out, I decided it needed a new look. I don’t think I have ever changed the settings or desktop background from the original default settings that come with the purchase.

Of course, I am not one for sitting down hours at a time to finish a project. (Like changing the appearance settings on my computer.) I get too bored and find other things that I become engrossed in, that leads to other things, then something else, and after hours pass, I barely scratched the surface of my original project. Which is how I found my new blog obsession, Design Love Fest.

SomethingoutofNothing  BeBrave

Even though the platinum blonde bombshell, Bri, and I couldn’t be more different in every aspect of our lives, I love, love, LOVE her brightly colored photos, free spirit, west coast style, and especially her Dress Your Tech series, which was my inspiration for giving my computer a makeover.

I chose this series, #63, as my rotating desktop background and coordinated my tool bars, menus, and fonts accordingly.


Happy designing!!!



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