It has been nothing less than a whirlwind these past couple of weeks. We have spent more days on the road than we have spent at home, which has been downright exhausting. I am grateful for the past couple of days spent catching up on sleep and cleaning out my digestive system. (I have completely sworn off fast food forever.)

As our friends know, and probably most everyone we run into in this town, we absolutely hate our current living situation. We settled in a small town just north of Greensboro and have lasted a whole two months. Just after week one, we were already making plans to move back to the mountains. Well, those plans have been put on fast forward. We are moving in October!!!

I contemplated as to if I should go into the details of our misery, as I don’t want to offend anyone. But then I thought, this is my blog after all, the story of my life and if you asked me in person, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you. Just so you understand why . . . . .

Reason #1 // The whole work situation just didn’t pan out to be as lucrative as first presented.

Reason #2 // It is entirely too hot and we don’t enjoy being greeted by a wall of humidity every time we open the door. Not to mention the number it does on my hair. If I straighten it, it’s wavy by the time I get to where I’m going. And not the pretty waves. If I leave it curly, I have so many frizzy flyaways, I have to lick my hand to get some moisture and hope I can mash it back down to an appropriate height. Most days I just give up and wear a ponytail. I’m tired of wearing ponytails.

Reason #3 // There is absolutely nothing to do here other than eat fast food. If you know us, you know our favorite place to be is outdoors, preferably hiking. There is no outdoor recreation here. Nothing. I suppose we could float down the Dan River with the coal ash and chemicals Duke Energy has dumped in to clean it up. But first we would have to stop to get a cheeseburger from one of the 50 fast food restaurants crammed into this town. Which brings me to . . . . .

Reason #4 // Unless you want fast food, Mexican, or Ruby Tuesday’s for date night, you are S-O-L.

Reason #5 // I’m to the point in my pregnancy where if one more person from a church knocks on my door while I am trying to enjoy my Saturday morning, I’m going to fly off the handle. It is intrusive and the funny thing is, even though we choose to be an Agnostic household, we are more knowledgeable about the Bible and Jesus Christ than most of the judgmental, pushy people we have encountered on our front stoop. Maybe we will miss playing ‘stump the churchy.’ Just a little.

Reason #6 // Driver’s Ed is apparently not a requirement around here, or so you would think.

Reason #7 // I was not comfortable giving birth here. Stories of doctors letting women choose when they want to go into labor or pre-scheduling their c-sections just because they choose not to have a natural vaginal birth made me raise a questioning eyebrow at the quality of doctors here. The group of smoking, overweight nurses that are always gathered on the outer rim of the hospital property also doesn’t help matters any.

Reason #8 // After inquiring about a package that was supposed to be delivered over the weekend, my blood began to boil, again, when I figured out that someone had stolen the package right off of our front porch. I do hope they felt like a total idiot when they opened the package only to find a six pack of Sunbutter and a jar of coconut oil. The “Eden A & T” strikes, again.

So there it is in black and white. Whether you agree or disagree with our reasoning, there is no denying that Darrell and I have been depressed, not ourselves, and certainly not okay with just sitting around doing nothing about it. We were begrudgingly going to try to stick it out until the end of our lease, which was months and months away, but decided that just wasn’t us. We are doers, and if we want something, we make it happen. So we did. We made some calls, we found work, we found housing, we found ourselves right back in Boone with smiles on our vitamin-D deficient faces.

Our upcoming weekends are going to be spent back on the road traveling back and forth to Boone to work on the house we will be living in, which I will be blogging about, working on odd jobs that we are taking on to earn some extra cash, which I will be blogging about, and FINALLY making a nest for baby Taylor, which I will also be blogging about.

Here’s to new adventures, new happiness, new babies, new smiles, and a new life!



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