A Book For Baby

The Mr. and I frequent second hand stores quite often. Sometimes we leave with an arm load of goodies. Sometime we leave empty handed. You just never know what kind of treasures you are going to find. I have a nasty little of habit of browsing the used books section, and all too often find too many books that I “need.” I can always justify my purchases with the fact that a.) I am an avid reader and I will read the book, one day, and b.) it’s only $1. Now that Baby Taylor is well on the way, my favorite part of our shopping trips is browsing the children’s books. A few weeks ago, I found this little gem. The cutest little children’s book about the evolution of food dating back to 1954.

Book For Baby 1

Book For Baby 2

The simple illustrations on the tiny fingerprint smudged pages are to die for!

Book for Baby 3

Book for Baby 4

Book for Baby 5

Learn this page well, Baby Taylor. You will frequent these often.

Book for Baby 6

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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