Knoxville // Ijams Nature Center + Tennessee Theatre

A morning is just not a morning without coffee, so we began our second day in Knoxville, with a cup of improvised joe.

knox 1

And a darn fine ‘cup o’ joe’ it was. Thankfully we spent our morning dragging our feet, enjoying the sights and sound of the Knoxville wildlife, because when we pulled up to the Ijams Nature Center, there were cars parked in the overflow parking and people everywhere. “What in the world is going on? This place had good reviews, but not THAT good.” I said. We decided to just pull into the main parking area at the entrance anyway, and it was a zoo! There were millions of children and buses and moms and dads everywhere. Thankfully the buses were loading up quickly and rolling out even faster. Whew! Dodged that field trip outing. Can you imagine being caught in that?

Anyway, the nature preserve was a pretty nice place for a nature walk. The trails were easy enough, our deaf and blind pug could even navigate the terrain. Since we had the little old man with us, we didn’t explore the entire park, but hit the highlighted natural areas, in between pug water breaks.

knox 2

knox 3

knox 4

knox 5

(Okay. If a trail is dedicated to a tower, I was expecting a tower here. Not a power line pole.)

knox 6

knox 7

knox 8

knox 9

knox 10

knox 11

knox 12

knox 13

knox 14

knox 15

knox 16

knox 17

knox 18

knox 19

knox 20

knox 21

knox 22

knox 23

knox 24

knox 25

knox 26

(Charlie claims heΒ momentarily died on the boardwalk. Drama king.)

knox 27

knox 28

After our nature walk, we took our car load of sweaty bodies directly to get ice cream. After devouring our Ben & Jerry’s and a power nap, it was time to end our time in Knoxville with Iron & Wine, one of our favorite folk bands, at the Tennessee Theatre.

knox 29

knox 30

knox 31

Here we are inside!

knox 32

Look at that amazing ceiling. Wow.

knox 33

And our favorite part of the entire trip, Iron & Wine.

knox 34

knox 35

knox 36

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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