Cape Fear River Trail Park

In the flat lands of NC, by April it is HOT. Maybe it is really not that hot. The Mr. and I are just accustomed to living high in elevation and by the time the thermometer reaches 70 degrees, we are hunting down our swimming trunks and questioning the effectiveness of our deodorant.

Our last visit to the flat lands, it was a sunny and beautiful and “hot” weekend, so what else do we do, but drag my family out of bed early on a Saturday to go play outdoors. They decided to take us to the park paralleling the Cape Fear River to “hike.” Since the word “hike” was used in quotation marks, we decided to bring our old man Chuck. He needed some fresh, flat land air too.

cape 1

There are a number of different ways to access the main trail by the river, but we began our river walk by taking the first set of wooden steps to the left of the parking area.

cape 2

cape 3

cape 4

“I love nature!!!” on 3! 1. . .2. . .

cape 5

Along with the peeks between the trees, there are plenty of observation platforms for you to gather upon and admire the river.

cape 6

cape 7

cape 8

While Charlotte took a breather from the 75 degree sweltering heat, . . . . .

cape 9

The Mr. and I wandered down this well traveled foot path . . . . .

cape 10

and found some beautiful pieces of long-forgotten architecture.

cape 11

cape 12

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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