Hiking Backbone Falls

Picking up where we left off from my last post. . . (If you need a scene refresher, we are at Backbone Rock. We just finished hiking to the A.T. We are Perry is drinking from Beaverdam Creek.) . . . we decided to complete our day by hiking the Backbone Falls trail.

Find the set of stone stairs and it will lead you up the trail head to begin your ascent.

falls 1

Then up more stairs. (Now be prepared. On these stairs I started to have a pug mommy heart attack again as my young puglet decided to climb the stairs on the side where she could possibly dangle over the cliff.)

falls 2

Then you look across, and there are even more stairs. (The view of these curvy stairs topped my charts! It was even more impressive to me than the actual waterfall. It reminded me of a staircase straight from an Oriental garden.)

falls 3

The very tip-top of the waterfall produces a great aerial view of the small gorge the waterfall is settled in.

falls 4

But the best views are seen on the descent down the enormous stone stairs.

falls 5

falls 6

As you reach the bottom of the mountain and come out of the trees, this little guy is hiding just on the side of the main road.

falls 7

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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