Brush With The A.T.

Our first sunny and partially warm weekend here in Damascus, we decided to brush a small portion of the A.T., starting at the trail head on Hwy 58. The A.T. is the Appalachian Trail for those not familiar with the trail lingo. This was only our second time hiking on the A.T., our first encounter being the day we hiked to Hump Mountain many, many months ago. With our two hiking companions (Perry and Charlotte) in tow, we hiked a total of eight miles. Eight miles lost in conversation about our new home, eight miles of stopping to let everyone pet Perry and pick up Charlotte, eight miles lost in conversation of our future goal of thru hiking the entire A.T. One day. Hopefully in the next five years or so. Until then, we will just enjoy it one section at a time.

at 1

at 2

at 3

at 4

at 5

at 6

at 7

at 8

at 9

at 10

at 11

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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