How To Seed A Pasture

Step 1: Choose a hand operated bag seeder.

seed 1

(I have chosen the modern seeder with an adjustable strap in blue.)

seed 2

(The Mr. has chosen a more vintage, handbag style seeder, circa 1980s.)

Step 2: Fill your seeder with the desired type of seed. We have selected the Premium Pasture Mix.

Step 3: Choose a starting point in your pasture. Start cranking your hand crank while swiftly moving the lever to the open position.

Step 4: Start walking! Walking the entire pasture in a straight line in one direction. (If your desired outcome is to seed heavily, walk at a turtle pace. If the pasture does not require much seeding, walk faster.)

seed 3

Step 5: When you have reached the end of your pasture, walk in a semi-circle to create a different row, and keep moving.

seed 4

Step 6: If the chickens catch on to your seeding and they begin to chase you, RUN!

seed 5

Step 7: If the chickens begin the behavior described above in step 6, unzip your bag and throw hand fulls of the seed at them until they become distracted and forget about chasing you.

Step 8: After all rows have been seeded, and you have safely avoided any attacks by the chickens, step back, smile, and congratulate yourself on the mighty fine job you have done.

seed 6

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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