Hiking To Trout Lake

Okay. I have a confession to make. I dislike snow. There. I said it. I thought I liked snow until it becomes that time of year when it is supposed to snow and it snows, a lot. So I guess I just love the idea of snow, but I can do without the gray clouds, the dirty car that always makes the back of my pants dirty when I hop out, the icy patches that I always slip on, the wet hands, the numb fingers, and the bad drivers that leave their chains on while driving down a perfectly clear road holding traffic for miles at a 20 mph pace. During our trip, we will definitely be heading south with the birds for the winter.

Last Friday it did not snow and the residual snow was melting away, so I wanted to be outdoors with the sunshine to soak up some Vitamin D. (Which I was obviously lacking in since I had been hiding indoors from the snow.) We left our front door, trekked to The Loop, then hopped on the MST (Mountains to Sea Trail).

trout 1

trout 2

trout 3

You can’t tell by my photos, but this part of the MST puts the “up” in upward climb. I had to stop and shed a few layers at about the halfway point. But once you reach the top, the views are worth the smoked calves and buns. Then, just when you think you have safely reached the top, this trail tests your agility skills, as you have to face the pressure of climbing up and over a ladder covering barbed wire. (Gasp!)

trout 4

trout 5

Once your feet hit the other side, its smooth hiking on the Cone Estate trails.

trout 6

trout 7

trout 8

trout 9

(I just love an open field!)

After frolicking around the fields and dodging cow presents, you return to the cold, snow-covered trail on the back side of the mountain.

trout 10

A few switchbacks later (We actually cheated and trekked through the woods. Of course I slid and ended up finishing out the hike with a dirty rear end. Typical, of course.) and we reached our destination.

trout 11

It was frozen solid, topped with a layer of snow, and an absolutely beautiful, idyllic winter scene.

trout 12

trout 13

trout 14

He’s such a daredevil. πŸ™‚

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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