The Trip

Although we made our huge, life altering announcement on Facebook, I just realized in the busy span of last week, I have not properly addressed our upcoming endeavor on my blog.

I don’t really have a lot of information to give, because we are leaving this entire trip open-ended, moving and traveling March 2014 – until. I haven’t a clue as to where we are going or what we will be doing after our next stop on the road. We are leaving this entire trip to chance and visiting new destinations just because we feel like it.

Now that I have you in a state of confusion as to what I am talking about, I’ll explain. Grab a coffee or a slice of [paleo] cheesecake. This is going to take a while.

The story begins about five months ago. The Mr. and I were at a crossroads. We wanted to move and travel, but we were facing the all mighty problem of the lack of money. We discussed a few ideas and decided buckling down our spending, working our buns off, and decreasing our living expenses was our ticket to freedom. Even after coming up with this foolproof plan, we tossed and turned at night. Neither of us sure if this was really what we wanted. Moving somewhere entirely new sounded extremely appealing. However, getting there and continuing a humdrum life of 9 to 5 was a problem. We needed a new plan.

Confused and unsure of what other options we could pursue, we just stuck to the original plan but threw in some alterations to consider from time to time. None of those alterations ever worked out. Frustrated and stir-crazy, I started thinking maybe it was time for us to take the drastic approach. “No!” I would tell myself. It’s scary. It’s hard. It’s not normal. It would leave us homeless. But it just might work.

We had met this interesting couple around the time we started contemplating “life” all those five months ago. Their personalities and knowledge were infectious and we would both find ourselves seeking them out and asking a million questions every time we happened to spot them at a gathering. They own a self-sustaining organic farm in Virginia and barter farm help in exchange for a room in their communal ranch home. Back to the drastic idea. . . . .just what would happen if WE moved to the farm. I pitched the idea to the Mr., who admitted he had also been churning the idea around in his mind. This was going to be our golden ticket. We could live, we could work, we could spend our days together learning and trying new things, and when we were ready to leave the farm, we could travel. After not being able to sleep a wink that night, the following morning we nervously made a phone call to the couple to share our thoughts. That Sunday we drove up to the farm to meet with them and the rest is history.

Folks, we are moving to Virginia to live and work among the horses, chickens, and rabbits on a self-sustaining organic farm. And yes, the pugs are going too.

That pretty much sums up the information I have for you. We are hoping to move in March to give us time to sell all of our possessions and to situate our living accommodations on the farm. I don’t really know how long we are going to stay there. I don’t know if we will ever even return to Boone. I don’t know where we will go next. Those are all just details I am not interested in right now. We are taking this trip one day at a time.

So what’s going on now, you ask? We are starting the clean out process. (Which is completely overwhelming, especially for a Grade A procrastinator like me.) So far I have cleaned out my closet. Today I may tackle those plastic bins full of junk that are sitting in our bedroom. Although, procrastination may grip me at any moment.

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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