Hiking The Bynum Bluff Trail

The Mr. got a new day pack for Christmas! Yay! Although, I think he is more excited about the fact that he doesn’t have to carry my crap anymore. Actually, I’m 100% sure he is excited about it because those were his exact words. “I don’t have to carry your crap anymore.” My response to his comment, the ‘stank eye’.

So the day after receiving his new day pack, we were itching to give it a test run. Our hiking adventures took us in the Linville Gorge to the Bynum Bluff Trail.

bynum 1

What a b-e-a-utiful day to hike! It was sunny, it was warm(ish), and there was no one else there. All good things. The trail is fairly easy to navigate. I didn’t fall down one time, which is rare, so I would call this an easy hike.

bynum 2

bynum 3

On the trail, the view of the gorge was spotty between the trees, so I can’t imagine being able to see much during the summer months. There are plenty of over look points, if you have time to stop at each one. We were on a two hour time limit, so we had to find THE overlook. Bingo. We found the view.

bynum 4

bynum 5

bynum 6

bynum 7

After hiking down the mountain, then down a little more, we came to a crossroads. We heard the sound of water, possibly a point of interest, not far beyond the bend to the left. So left it was.

bynum 8

And the Linville River is what we found.

bynum 9

bynum 10

bynum 11

bynum 12

And here is an extra picture that I didn’t know where to throw in.

bynum 13

How To Get There:
The Bynum Bluff Trail is about a 20 minute drive from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take the exit at milepost #317.5 for the community of Linville Falls. Turn left towards the town onto Hwy 221 and drive 0.6 miles, then turn left onto Hwy 183 and for about 0.7 miles. A sign will point the way to Wiseman’s View (turn right onto Route 1238) and drive for 4 miles. Once you reach the entrance, you willΒ pass the alternate parking lot for Linville Falls on the left, then an information cabin on your right. The Bynum Bluff Trail is one of the first trails you will come to on the left.

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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