Azteca Burrito

The Mr. and I are HUGE NFL fans. Our favorite team is, of course, our home team, the Carolina Panthers. We don’t have cable, so Sunday is typically spent huddled around the radio listening to the football game. (Although even if we had cable, I would watch the game on mute and listen to our radio announcers anyway. Mick and Eugene are awesome.) The football game is aired on a local country radio station out of Lenoir, so all of the commercials during the time outs and half times are mainly advertising for local small businesses. So what does this story have to do with a burrito, you are asking? Yesterday, in between the southern accents and commercials about feed and seed, there was a commercial in a thick authentic Mexican accent about burritos the size of your head. It played a few times as we continued listen to the nail bitter of a game without giving it much thought. After the game ended, and my heart rate returned to normal, the Mr. started questioning me about dinner.

The Mr.: “What do you want for dinner?”
Me: “A burrito the size of my head.”

Now Lenoir is about 30 minutes away from Boone. But if this place is serving burritos the size of my head, I want one. We showered, we found directions, and then hopped in the car to make the drive to Azteca Burrito. We made a few wrong turns, but after getting lost as much as we do, we are getting pretty good at figuring out how to drive around and find what we are looking for by using deductive reasoning. Downtown Lenoir was desolate and dark, except for Azteca Burrito.

azteca 1

The atmosphere is a very plain,Β madre y padre operation. Just the type of place we like. You walk in, sit where ever you like, and enjoy the Spanish Christmas carols being played over the radio. The menu had a ton of food to choose from, but we were there for the burritos. The Mr. and I each chose a different one. When our dinner arrived at our table, yes, it was as big as our head.

azteca 2

These burritos were the best burritos I have tasted throughout my entire 30 years on this earth. After we finished our meal, our waiter brought us dessert, on the house. Be still my heart. It was cinnamon crisps, drizzled in honey and chocolate syrup.

azteca 3

The whole experience was worth the 30 minute drive. I give them 5 forks out of 5 and will return with a car load of people next time.

So after a Mexican dinner, everyone knows you do not just jump in the car and roll. You have to walk it off for a bit. So we took the opportunity to stroll around the beautiful Christmas tree lined streets of Lenoir.

azteca 4

Then we spotted the sleigh.

azteca 5

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh . . . . . .

azteca 6


(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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