Hanging Lake

Greetings from Colorado! Our long travels on Sunday took us from Boone to Charlotte to Memphis and FINALLY to Denver and then to Glenwood Springs. Whew! What a day. That would never end. Traveling back in time. I think we ate breakfast three times that day. Even though the day was utterly exhausting, at least I had the opportunity to get my first PSL from Starbucks. (That’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte for those not familiar with the ‘all things pumpkin’ lingo.)

Hang 1

Yummmmmm. Yum. Liquid sunshine.

Today was a sunny 82 degrees here in Glenwood Springs, so we decided to cross Hanging Lake off of our bucket list since it was a beautiful day for a hike. We hopped on the highway and drove through the Glenwood Canyon to the parking area. The hike begins on a paved bike/pedestrian path paralleling the Colorado River before reaching the actual rocky trail head.

Hang 2

Hang 3

Hang 4

The trail is labeled as a strenuous 2-mile round trip hike, but The Mr. and I knocked out the ascent in about 30 minutes. There wasn’t much scenery along the trail; a creek here and there, a few interesting trees, and rock formations. But once you crested the trees at the very top, you could see this . . . . .

Hang 5


Then a few rock steps later, and you have arrived.

Hang 6

Yes, the water is really that blue. A-M-A-ZING.

Hang 7

Hang 8

Rock on Hanging Lake!

After 30 minutes of gawking at the lake, we jumped on the Spouting Rock trail for a quick 360Β° view of the top most waterfall and the aerial view of the lake.

Hang 9

Hang 10

Hang 11

Hang 12

Dear Colorado,

I love you!

Love, Heather

Where else can you drive back into town and see a superimposed snowy mountain?

Hang 13

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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