Hiking Wiseman’s View + Rock Jock Trail

Last weekend, The Mr. and I could not decide where to take our nature outing. After a few website searches and a check of the weather, (to be sure it was a good day for a view), we settled on a quick trip to Wiseman’s View and then we could hop onto a nearby trail. Bag packed, camera ready, and off we go.

Our first Linville Gorge hike took us to Table Rock and Hawksbill Mountain (which is my personal favorite view in this area so far). Wiseman’s View takes us to the exact same area, just on the complete opposite side of the gorge. After reaching the dirt road entrance, we stopped at the information cabin to find out what the best trail would be to have the absolute best view. We must have looked like amateur hikers in our shorts and tank tops and running shoes, because the nice lady helping us seemed a little apprehensive about directing us to a “most difficult” labeled trail. Lady, we got this. She showed us where to go on the trail map hanging on the wall, but I could hear it in her voice. She had her doubts.

WARNING: I had previously read that cars and motorcycles were not recommended vehicles to drive down the dirt road leading to the trails and campsites. It can’t be that bad, right? Wrong. I will warn you now. If you do not drive an SUV or truck, do not drive down this road. All I could think about on the drive down was a plan on how to change the tire and drive back out of here, because I just knew either our tire was going to pop or we were going to slam down in a hole and then would be dragging something out from under our Escape.

The bumpy ride to Wiseman’s View is short and the walk down to the view on the paved trail is even shorter. Grandma can even tag along on this one because they have made it wheelchair accessible.

Wiseman 1

Wiseman 2

Wiseman 3

Wiseman 4

Wiseman 5

(Ahhhhh. I love early morning hikes.)

Wiseman 6

After basking in such a beautiful morning view, we jumped back into the car and headed down in search of the Rock Jock Trail. Hanging on for dear life to my seat, we finally spotted the trail head.

Wiseman 7

And then you hike a little further . . . . .

Wiseman 8

After breaking through a wall of spider webs, we realized we must be the first hikers on the trail, and quickly acquired a stick to lead the way.

The trail begins by weaving you through a forest of trees and shrubs and flowers. It was easy to find beauty in the peacefulness with so many different colors and textures. I don’t think we said a word to each other until we started to climb in elevation.

Wiseman 9

Wiseman 10

Wiseman 11

Wiseman 12

Then it got hot. Real quick. After shedding a layer, we hiked on.

Wiseman 13

Wiseman 14

Wiseman 15

Wiseman 16

And then, “Whoa Nelly!

Wiseman 17

This guy would not move off the trail. Not that I blame him. So what do you do when a Copperhead is in the trail? You say, ‘No worries. You cool. I’ll just go around.” And shimmy up and over the fallen trees hanging over the side.

Back on the trail.

Wiseman 18

(This tree has seen some things!)

We didn’t make it much further past this point. Our nerves were a little shot after the snake incident. Also, a Saturday afternoon nap was starting to sound appealing. So we turned around at about 3 miles and headed back down. No snakes this time.

How To Get There:
Wiseman’s View is about a 20 minute drive from the Blue Ridge Parkway. Take the exit at milepost #317.5 for the community of Linville Falls. Turn left towards the town onto Hwy 221 and drive 0.6 miles, then turn left onto Hwy 183 and for about 0.7 miles. A sign will point the way to Wiseman’s View (turn right onto Route 1238) and drive for 4 miles. Once you reach the entrance, you will pass the alternate parking lot for Linville Falls on the left, then an information cabin on your right. Keep trucking until you see a sign pointing you to the left for Wiseman’s View. To find the Rock Jock trail, get back out onto the gravel road and continue driving until you see the parking area and sign.

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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