Hiking the Profile Trail + Mile High Swinging Bridge

The Mr. and I have hiked up the Profile Trail numerous times, but have always turned back due to time, an extreme amount of ice, and a few other reasons which caused us to never make the 11 mile trek all the way to the Mile High Swinging Bridge and all the way back down. Since we are moving to Colorado, we decided we better get to doing those things we want to do in this area, or on the east coast for that matter, before we run out of time. Since Saturday was a beautiful day and the cool fall mornings are starting to set in here in the mountains, we woke early, ate quickly, and started the trail around 8:30 am.

Since this was our fourth time on the trail, I didn’t take many photos of the terrain or the surroundings since we already have a ton, but here is what I did capture.

Profile 1

Profile 2

Profile 3

Profile 4

Profile 5

Profile 6

Profile 7

Profile 8

Profile 9

Profile 10

Profile 11

Profile 12

Profile 13

(Yay! We made it!)

Profile 14

(The Mile High Swinging Bridge.)

Profile 15

(The cave where we ate lunch.)

Profile 16

(Look! No hands!)

Profile 17

Profile 18

Profile 19

Profile 20

Profile 21

Profile 22

(Hi Grandfather! I like your eyebrows!)

Profile 23

Profile 24

The End.

How To Get There:
To reach the Profile Trail from Boone, travel Hwy 105 S about 12 miles towards Banner Elk. The parking area access road will be on your left, just before you reach the BBQ restaurant in Banner Elk.

You can also pay a ridiculous amount of money and just drive straight into the park at the foot of the bridge. To reach the paid park entrance from Boone, starting at the Hwy 105/Hwy 321 intersection, take Hwy 105 S to Linville. Take a left at the stoplight to turn onto Hwy 221. You can’t miss the large sign and park entrance on your left.

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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