Brown Mountain Lights

On the way home from picking up Big Blue, we stopped at the famed and mysterious Brown Mountain overlook to see if we could spot any spooky lights. If you have never heard of the Brown Mountain Lights, there is an entire website dedicated to this unexplained light show. You can also find it on Wiki, so this is a big deal. The lights appear as glowing orbs, in various colors, and move up and down the mountain side in erratic patterns and usually disappear at the very top. They can be seen in all weather conditions and usually at any time of the night. The best sightings are typically in the fall, after a thunderstorm or heavy rain storm.

There are tons of explanations and myths to peruse, some scientific, some ghostly, and some paranormal, but my favorite legend is this one. “Long ago, before North Carolina was colonized, it was the battle site where the Cherokee Indians battled the Catawba. The battle lasted all day and when night fell the Indian maidens took up torches and walked up the mountain side in search of there slain husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. Legend has it, that moment was so dramatic that the Indian maidens long after their death would still be searching for there lost loved ones throughout eternity and that the ghost lights from their torches would be able to be seen in the valley below.” (I’m Cherokee so I can be a little partial.)

We didn’t spot anything but rain drops and a nice view.

Brown Mountain 1

Brown Mountain 2

Brown Mountain 3

Brown Mountain 4

How To Get There:
There are several Brown Mountain overlooks in this area, but this particular overlook is located on Hwy 181, about 12 miles north of Morganton.

(This post was originally published on our sticks or stones blog, which is no longer in publication.)


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